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2017 Benton County Career Convention

February 23, 2017
By Cody Parker

The Junior class attended the Benton County Career Convention on February 21st. Students attended panels on career topics from Law, to Farming and Forestry, to Entertainment, and others. They also participated in mock interviews with volunteers and listened to some keynote speakers. The panels and booths the students attended helped them learn about different businesses and what kinds of skills they need to become future employees. Each booth showed a prospective job or business and the students got to ask the volunteer about it. “I really enjoyed the Wilderness Class,” said student Nathan Spaulding. “I really like learning about the outdoors and about the environment.” The students also were able to do a mock interview with a volunteer who asked them questions that a real interviewer might ask them. “I was scared at first,” said student Nicole Griffith. “But after doing it, I felt a lot better, and I feel like I did a really good interview.” It’s safe to say the students had a good experience at the job fair and are more confident for the future when they get ready to take on actual jobs