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The Giving Tree – January 2018 Wolverine Herald

February 26, 2018

By Jasmine Benson

The college prep class put together a Giving Tree event for Alsea School this December. A giving tree is a charity event to help families that might not be able to get all the things their kid wants or may need for the holidays. They ran the charity by first sending out permission slips and information slips out to pre-school through 8th grade students. As the permission slips were filled out and turned in the college prep class made paper ornaments and put the information about each child on them. The ornaments were then placed on a tree.

People from the community came in and took the ornaments off the tree and bought something they thought the kid would like. The community came together very fast and had all the ornaments off the tree almost as fast as they were put on it! The class and school would like to thank the community for coming together and helping families that needed it. We all hope this becomes an annual thing and it is carried on for many years.