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SafeOregon - School Safety Tip Line

COVID-19 Information

March 25, 2020

Message from Superintendent Marc Thielman (3/17/20):


Dear Parents and Community members,

Our community, our state, and much of the world are now dealing with an unprecedented public health crisis. Today, Governor Kate Brown issued an Executive Order extending the closure of all public schools through April 28th.

Governor Brown’s order will ensure that schools continue to receive funding during this closure so that employees will not be laid off and vital services, including meals for students, can continue.

In our district, we will work to make the following resources/services available during the extended closure.  Services will begin following our regularly scheduled Spring Break to include:

  • Supplemental educational services:  online, independent study, and offline options

  • Nutrition Services including meal delivery if needed.

  • Daycare services for designated first responders, emergency, and health care workers.

Schools are essential to communities. We know that the Governor’s executive order extending the school closure will cause difficulties for many families who rely on their schools for meals, quality education, and a safe place for kids to be during the day.  Since the COVID-19 coronavirus first emerged in Oregon, we have followed the guidance of public health agencies, including the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Education, in taking preventative steps to make our staff and students safe.

We encourage all our families to make every effort to follow published health-related guidelines such as regular handwashing and social distancing. The purpose of these actions is to slow the transmission rate of the virus within levels the health care system can safely accommodate.  This is best accomplished by everyone working together.

We are in uncharted waters, but please know that the Alsea School District , in collaboration with local and state authorities, is doing its best to support our broader community as the reality of this unprecedented crisis continues to evolve.


Marc Thielman

Alsea Superintendent/K-12 Principal
541-487-4305 Ext. 201


Update (3/24/20):

Dear Alsea Families,

As mentioned in my previous email, the play structure facility is closed to the public as per Governor Brown’s latest Executive Order.  The Track area is still open for public use during daytime hours.  Please practice social distancing rules when using the track.

In addition, we have several  families who do not currently have internet service at their home.   If this applies to you, please let me know by replying to this email.  We will help you access the many new service options being created to get all families connected (many for free).  The Alsea School District will help you get connected with a service provider, if needed,and we will work to get the set up fee covered/waived if possible.

Below my signature are some links and program options you can access.

Please stay close to your email as we move forward.  More to come.


 Marc Thielman

Alsea Superintendent/K-12 Principal

541-487-4305 Ext. 201


The FCC has asked services providers to pledge for the next 60 days to not terminate service for residential or small business customers, to waive any late fees incurred, and open access to public Wi-Fi hotspots to “any American who needs them.”  A lot of providers have signed on and you can see the full list here:

Believe it or not, Comcast has pledged to do even more.

  • 60 days of service (25/3 Mbps) free for low income families ($9.95 a month after the free period):
  • Free access to Wi-Fi hotspots:
  • Comcast also says it will pause its data plans, and make unlimited data available at no additional charge.


Cisco is offering extended trials and removing limits for public sector customers for four products.  If you are an existing Ednetics customer you can email their support and they can assist you in setting things up.

Cisco Webex

  • Unlimitedusage (no time restrictions)
  • Supports up to 100 participants
  • Offers toll dial-in (in addition to existing VoIP capabilities).

Additionally, through our partners and the Cisco sales team, we are providing free 90-day licenses to businesses who are not Webex customers in this time of need. We’re also helping existing customers meet their rapidly changing needs as they enable a much larger number of remote workers by expanding their usage at no additional cost.

Cisco Umbrella

With this offer, existing customers can exceed their user limit to support an increase in remote workers, and new customers can access a free license. To have the initial 14-day period extended to 90 days, please contact the Cisco sales team.

Duo Security

With this offer, existing customers can exceed their user limit to support an increase in remote workers, and new customers can access a free license.

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

Existing AnyConnect customers can exceed their user limit to support an increase in remote workers, and new customers can access a free license. To get started, existing and new customers should talk with a Cisco representative or partner to get the requested usage counts.