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Letters from Mr. Thielman

November 15, 2020

November 3, 2020


Dear Parents and Community,


Nothing like an election day update!  If you have not yet done so, I encourage everyone to get out and Vote!  As many of you know, Governor Brown announced a new set of COVID Metrics last Friday designed to help more schools get open sooner.


Parent Questions about the New Metrics:


1)  How does this change things for Alsea Charter School Students and Families?


Answer:  It does not change anything of consequence for the Alsea Charter School, because we were fortunate enough to be open for in-person instruction previously.


2)  Highlights of Metric Changes:


  1. Cohort size limits were raised from 50 to 100.
  2. All schools are required to screen and log students and staff temperatures daily upon entry into the school building.
  3. All schools must use a variety of mitigation strategies whenever possible,  such as mask wearing, ventilation/outdoor instruction, distancing, disinfection and cleaning, limited use of face shields (with noted exceptions), and face coverings are required to be worn even when outside.
  4. The K-3 exception was changed to allow for all “elementary school grades” to phase in for in-person instruction if metrics allow.  (i.e. if a K-6 school then grades K-6 can open if the school district decides to do so).
  5. Bus spacing and PPE recommendations were amended to include window ventilation and mask wearing for all students and drivers rather than face shields (with noted exceptions).
  6. Reduction in the requirement to disinfect outdoor play equipment from between each cohort use to once daily.


Summary:  These new metrics should make it easier for many schools to ramp up in-person instruction while also reducing the spread of COVID-19.  As for Alsea, we will continue to sanitize the outdoor equipment between cohort use, as well as work with our individual students and staff to determine the appropriate type of face covering needed in any given situation.


To date, our students and staff have done an amazing job of working together to keep each other safe!  I want to thank all our families and community stakeholders for their unwavering support for our school and for doing your part to keep our doors open.


Speaking of keeping the doors open, the Benton County Health Department has offered to facilitate a “Flu Shot Clinic” here in Alsea during the third week of November either on Monday, 11/16 or Wednesday 11/18.  In order to facilitate this free service, we will need to get a count of all those who wish to get a flu shot for themselves, and/or their students.


REQUEST:  Please use this form: if you wish to secure a FLU shot for you and/or you students.  Our goal is to get a preliminary count together by Friday, 11/6.   Having one less illness to worry about makes good “2020” sense seeing as the FLU and COVID-19 share similar symptoms:)

Once on the list our partners at Benton County Health will send you the necessary form(s) required to access this service.  

Thank you again for helping our school to be the best it can be!  Go Wolverines!!



Marc Thielman

Alsea Superintendent/K-12 Principal

541-487-4305 Ext. 201