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COVID Update 10-3-2021(1) – Letters from Mr. Thielman

October 4, 2021

Dear Alsea Parents and Community,

I have been receiving a few updates from families about some confirmed positive cases this weekend.
Preschool:  So far we have a pair of siblings in Pre-school that have tested positive and a few others seeking testing. As a result, the preschool will be closed this week so we can get testing completed.
***The district is temporarily out of rapid tests so we have to go through the clinics until or next order arrives Tuesday.
We have a sibling of the two preschoolers who is also positive. This student is a third grader. Another unrelated positive third grader also tested positive today.  It does not appear the two are connected.
One student/volleyball player also is confirmed positive. She did not attend the tournament this weekend and isolated, but I am asking all parents to monitor their students for symptoms and keep them home for 3-5 days and seek testing if symptomatic.
I am working closely with Benton County Health on further contact tracing and guidance.  Although most students are experiencing mild symptoms and seem to be recovering quickly we must remain vigilant.  Most of the above cases are household spread, but the possibility of extracurricular and or school based spread still exists.  The fact that the common cold is also prevalent in the community makes things a bit complicated.  I apologize for any disruption this notice may pose for your evening, but I am very thankful for all our families seeking testing and isolating proactively.  It goes a long way at keeping our school staff and students safe.
As always, feel free to text me at 15092205313 or email me at if you have any questions or concerns.   Go Wolverines!!!
Marc Thielman

Marc Thielman

Alsea Superintendent/K-12 Principal
541-487-4305 Ext. 201