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COVID Update 1/25/2022 – Letters from Mr. Thielman

January 25, 2022

Dear Alsea Parents and Community,

I want to thank all of you who have reached out with your thoughts, opinions, and feedback regarding our adaptation of the Mask Mandate to be applied on an individual basis for all students, staff, and parents.  This kind of engagement is greatly appreciated and it demonstrates that our school community is supported and tempered by caring, informed, and committed parents, staff and community stakeholders.
As you know, we have been closed due to staff shortages surrounding our Omicron Surge here in our local region.  Although the situation is improving rapidly we have decided to remain closed tomorrow, Wednesday, January 26th, AND Thursday, January 27th, so as to give all our staff time to fully recover and hit the ground running on Monday, January 31st, 2022.
NOTICE:  Due to an ongoing Staff Shortage, the Alsea Charter School will remain closed until Monday, January 31st, 2022.  All extra-curricular sports and activities will continue but on a modified practice schedule that will follow this announcement.  Busing for school activities will be provided to those that need it.
Finally, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause for our families.  The silver lining is that our local case counts are declining and we will come out on the other side of this situation stronger than ever.  I want to welcome all our students back on Monday (1/31/22), and I look forward to seeing all our amazing students happy and engaged in learning!  If you have questions or concerns please email me separately at: or call/text me at 509-220-5313.
Go Wolverines!!!!


Marc Thielman

Alsea Superintendent/K-12 Principal
541-487-4305 Ext. 201