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Alsea Bond Project Update – January 12, 2023

January 12, 2023

The district has been conducting their due diligence with ensuring all legal requirements are in place before the contractor GMP’s are in place. The district has acquired the services of legal counsel to guide this effort along with a project advisor through LBL ESD. The district issued a certified letter to CB Construction in December for an immediate response on areas that were either not defined or the district felt were missing. CB Construction responded favorably in accordance to legal counsel and our project advisor. Since time has evolved through this process since the last GMP’s were submitted to the district at the end of October, CB Construction will need time to verify the figures from sub-contractors are still accurate and due to capacity issues, CB will not be able to conduct the electrical work, thus they are actively searching for an electrical contractor to complete the work.

After meeting with the Bond Oversite Committee (BOC) on January 11, 2023 with CB Construction and Straightline Architects, it is recommended that the Board of Directors sets a special meeting for January 26, 2023 to review the updated GMP’s that CB Construction will be submitting by January 18, 2023. I look forward to moving this project forward.