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June 15, 2019

Staff Directory

Name (last, first) Title Contact
Cash, Sara Elementary MAPS Testing Coordinator/ Enrichment Assistant Email
Chilcote, Chris Educational Assistant Email
Davis, Nicole Athletic Director/ Special Education Secretary/ Educational Assistant Email
DeFever, Angie Educational Assistant Email
DuBord, Anna Educational Assistant Email
DuBord, Rich Bus Driver Email
Dunbar, Rose Bus Driver Email
Elbers, Keenan Maintenance Supervisor Email
Ellis, Catherine MS Language Arts & HS Spanish Teacher Email
France, Scotty Middle School Football Coach Email
Gefroh, Mary Educational Assistant Email
Gifford-Ohnemus, Jeanne Special Education Teacher Email
Greenfield, Lori Director of Student Services Email
Hendrix, Jackie Secretary/ Athletic Secretary Email
Hendrix, Ricki PE & Health Teacher/  Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Email
Jacobsen, Angela Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach Email
Johnson, Andy Educational Assistant/ Middle School Game Manager Email
Johnson, Casey Shop/ Natural Resources Teacher Email
Jordan, Joy Lead MS Volleyball Coach/ Bus Driver Email
Koetz, Shirley Admin Secretary Email
Kreis, Lance Bus Driver Email
Lunsford, Leroy MS Assistant Football Coach Email
Lynch, Skip Science Teacher Email
Martin, Carmen Transportation Supervisor Email
Miller, Betsy 2nd/ 3rd Grade Teacher Email
Moser, Anna 5th Grade Teacher Email
O’Brien, Mary Educational Assistant Email
Olsen, Holly Title I Teacher Email
Olsen, Jan Educational Assistant Email
Pedder, Samantha Response To Intervention [RTI] Educational Assistant Email
Rice, Shanon Kindergarten/ 1st Grade Teacher Email
Roberts, Nathan Social Studies Teacher Email
Runciman, Beth Math Teacher Email
Rusen, John Custodian Email
Rusen, Laura Educational Assistant Email
Russell, Pamela Educational Assistant Email
Sapp, Katie Deputy Clerk / Varsity Volleyball Coach Email
Stanton, Tracy 4th Grade Teacher Email
Stoffell, Annastazia Registrar/ School Secretary Email
Sugerman, Richard Middle School Social Studies Teacher Email
Terriere, Jordan English Teacher Email
Thalman, Terri-Anne Alternative Education/ Library Email
Thielman, Marc Superintendent / Principal Email
Valencia, Rosie Food Services Coordinator Email
Zavaleta, Bethany Educational Assistant/ MS Assistant Volleyball Coach Email