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Alsea Bond Project Update: We Have Our Permits! – August 10, 2022

August 11, 2022

Acting Superintendent Sean Gallagher received an email today that the Conditional Use Permits for the Alsea Bond Project (APB) are ready to be picked up at the County Planning Office. Alsea School is delighted to announce that we are officially underway on these much-needed updates and additions to Alsea School.

Mr. Gallagher, Head of Maintenance for Alsea District Keenan Elbers, Andy Brophy Project Manager for CB Construction (CBC), and Alsea Bond Project (ABP) architect Scott Marshall are reworking the plan for the sewer line for the new Vocational (VOC) Building. The new line will link to the sewer line for the former bathrooms in the metal wing (on north side by the play shed) and then on to the manhole in front of the school which links to the Alsea sewer line. The old line has been tested for viability. This rework of the plans reflects the new scope of the project and means that the Sequoia tree by the high school entrance does not have to be removed to accommodate the sewer trench. The reworked trench plan will run only under grass, saving on excavation costs.

The VOC building will require the removal of two trees along the driveway to the high school. These two trees would not survive the installation of the underground utilities due to root damage. Scott Marshall plans for the driveway to the VOC to run between two of the other trees. This and moving the irrigation spigot up the drive mean that no other trees need to be removed. Pending soil tests and visits from the surveyor, the pad should be ready for gravel on Monday.

In other news, the VOC excavation had some excitement when they came across an old section of waterline, which meant that the water at the school was turned off for a brief time to facilitate a minor repair to the waterline. Meanwhile, Keenan Elbers is still working with Public Works for Benton County to coordinate the ADA ramp completion at Alsea Pups PreSchool. If you want to see the first cup of dirt excavated for the ABP, visit Deb’s Café. Andy Brophy of CBC took her the first cup dug out to commemorate commencement of the ABP.