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Alsea Bond Project Update – February 21, 2023

February 21, 2023

In case you’ve missed the chatter lately, the Alsea School District has contracted with the local project management firm, Integrity Management Solutions, to manage our bond program. Over the last month they have been diving into plans, talking with District leaders, working with the design and construction team, County and State, and generally asking questions regarding the status of the projects. On February 9th, they presented their findings to the Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) and the Alsea School Board. You can find their report, budget update, and related documents on the school website in BoardBooks using links in the agenda for that meeting.

As part of this redirected effort on the bond program, the BOC is seeking to rebuild its ranks. The BOC is an independent community based advisory committee comprised of community members with an interest in working with the team to ensure that the results of the bond program align with promises made to the community. Going forward, the BOC will

  • Meet as needed to review progress with the program management team (typically once a month);
  • Ensure bond revenues are used only for the purposes consistent with the voter-approved bond measure and consistent with state law;
  • Serve as the key communicator of information related to the bond with the community

It is typically comprised of local business members, individuals who are part of the taxed population, parents of current students, and a liaison from the School Board. Meetings are anticipated to be held once a month in the school library with internet call-in option.

If you are interested in knowing more about the BOC’s roles and responsibilities, or want to apply to be a part of it, you are invited to email the Interim Superintendent, at All applications will be reviewed and approved by the Alsea School Board.