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Transportation / Inclement Weather

Student Transportation

Alsea School District manages bussing services for Alsea School and Kings Valley Charter School. Services include bus service to and from school, field trips, athletic activities, and school related events. We want to ensure that all students have a safe and pleasant ride every time they get on one of our busses.

We have three regular bus routes serving students each morning and afternoon.

How do I set up transportation for my student?

Things to know

  • Students are to be at bus stop 5 minutes prior to bus scheduled time.
  • Students need parent/guardian permission to go anywhere other than their designated stop. Please send a note or call the school when your student is going somewhere other than where they usually go.
  • Students under third grade will not be dropped off if driver believes no one is home.
  • The driver must see a parent/guardian before they let students under first grade off of the bus.
  • Students must always wait for their driver’s signal to enter or exit the bus or to cross the road.

Athletic Events

Transportation to and from athletic events is covered in the Alsea Athletic Policy, which can be downloaded by going to the Athletics Policies & Forms page.

Key points to know are:

  • Players may be released only to a parent or guardian after away contests, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Please sign your children out with the bus driver and ensure the coach knows you are taking them before leaving the event.
  • IMPORATNT – Permission for a student to ride home with anyone other than their parents or guardians must be obtained in the office before the bus leaves Alsea School. Parents or guardians may send note with their child [must be turned in to the office before the bus leaves] or call the school before the bus leaves for the event to allow their student to ride home with someone other than the parent/ guardian. The note and authorization from the office will be given to the bus driver before the bus departs leaves the school.

Inclement Weather

The safety of students is the primary consideration for any decision regarding school cancellation, delayed start, or district closure. Snow, floods, windstorms and more can affect our ability to safely get   our students to and from school. We work hard to follow forecasts and check local conditions before we cancel or delay school.

In the event of disruptions to transportation services due to weather, Alsea School District will notify the public through FLASHALERT (automated phone call) and local media of school closings and/or delays. Specific bus routes affected would be specified in the announcements.

The district may decide that the safest plan is to activate school bus snow/storm routes to accommodate weather conditions. These routes may be used for snow, ice, wind, flooding, or other conditions.


Carmen Martin, Transportation Supervisor
541-760-7950 (cell)