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A Huge Thank You to the Alsea Community from the Forestry Class! And Send Pulp Wood!

February 8, 2023

The Alsea Community once again has shown how much they value innovative programs for students at Alsea School District. Mr. Crowe’s Forestry class recently submitted a “Donors Choose” initiative to raise funds for a new chainsaw and a chainsaw sharpener. The bill came to about $1000 and was fully funded in TWO DAYS!

These tools will be used for two purposes. Forestry students will practice saw work while cutting up logs for firewood. Mr. Crowe is also teaching Leadership this spring. Leadership students have set the goal of getting firewood to local community members in need.

For both of these programs to succeed, Alsea School needs large quantities of pulp wood to cut up and deliver. Nearby logging sites would work. A logging truck load delivered to the school would be even more awesomeness from Alsea community!

The Alsea Forestry and Leadership students and Mr. Crowe send a huge thank you for all the support so far for the programs and the wood that will no doubt come to them soon. We couldn’t do this without you, Alsea community!