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Budget Committee

The school district’s budget process is ongoing and requires the input of the school board, district administrators, staff members, and the public.

2024-25 – Adopted Budget Calendar

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee has ten members: five elected school board members and five community members appointed to three-year terms by the board. The community members are appointed by open vote of the School Board. The Budget Committee meets in late spring [usually in May] at an evening meeting to approve the following year’s budget. If you are interested in volunteering for the budget committee, contact the school.


Early in the calendar year, the school administration develops projections for each type of revenue the district receives on the basis of projected enrollment, which is weighted by a factor for poverty and for the number of students in special education programs. The business manager works with staff members to identify needs for the next school year.

In the spring the district presents a proposed, balanced, budget to the budget committee which is comprised of the school board and five community members. The budget committee reviews the proposed budget for approval.

The budget committee concludes its work by recommending a budget and a tax levy. The recommended budget then moves to the school board for final public input and adoption by June 30. The district then operates within the adopted budget for the next year.