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Alsea Bond Project Update – December 13, 2022

December 13, 2022

Don’t let the lack of obvious construction activity at the school mislead you. While construction activities are on a pause for now, the Alsea School Board is working to obtain a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the Alsea Bond Project (ABP) with CB Construction. Through Linn Benton Lincoln Educational Special Service District (LBL ESD), Alsea School District (ASD) has secured the services of with Dave McKay of HMK Company out of Salem, who has 25+ years of experience in school bond project management. This detailed due diligence process cannot be rushed in order to ensure that the GMP signed contracts reflect the appropriate obligations for both CB Construction and ASD. This phase of contract development will help protect ASD during the administration of the bond process as well as during the construction phase of the project. Moving forward, details, scheduling, and construction costs will require skillful management by all involved to ensure that the district receives maximum return for dollars spent while keeping school operations running smoothly. For any questions about this article, please direct inquires to the Public Information Officer for Alsea School District at The District Office is always accessible at