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Adi’s Act – Suicide Prevention Plan

Senate Bill 52, also known as “Adi’s Act”, was passed in Oregon in 2019. This legislation requires school districts to develop and publicly post the school district’s plan for suicide prevention, intervention and postvention response activities.


Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens in Oregon. Teens confront a multitude of stressors daily. Whether the stressors are social, familial, or internal, the teen years can be some of the most challenging. For some teens, this can lead to mental health challenges including depression, anxiety, and/or considering suicide and/or self harm.

To address these challenges, we work to provide resources and support to all of our students and their families. With more support, students and their families can gain valuable skills to cope with the stressors listed above. This can lead to greater life enjoyment, success in academics, and positive connections with peers and adults alike.

The purpose of the Suicide Prevention Plan is to ensure that we as a school are serving all of our students to the best of our abilities. By having a plan in place to prevent, evaluate the risk of, and respond to suicide, we have the foundation to support students and families in some of their hardest times.

Alsea School District:

  • Prioritizes the physical AND mental health of our students
  • Recognizes that suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens in the state of Oregon
  • Honors that our students come from diverse backgrounds that require us to act with intentionality and respect for cultural, familial, and personal values when addressing suicide and/or self harm with students/families.
  • Has developed and solidified comprehensive suicide prevention policies that include clear prevention, intervention, and postvention procedures.

Suicide Prevention Plan