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Superintendent Goals (2022-23)

Student Achievement

Goal:  The Alsea School District (ASD) superintendent in combination with LBL ESD will implement the Learn & Prepare, Engage & Assess, Develop & Plan, and Grant Application phases of the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Aligning For Student Success (AFSS) project by the spring of 2023.


  • Learn & Prepare:
    • This step includes time to become familiar with the new AFSS guidance that encompasses the following programs:
      • High School Success (HSS)
      • Student Investment Account (SIA)
      • Continuous Improvement Planning (CIP)
      • Career and Technical Education (CTE)
      • Every Day Matters (EDM)
      • Early Indicator Intervention Systems (EIIS)
    • Engage & Assess:
      • Engaging the community in a comprehensive needs assessment
    • Develop & Plan:
      • Gather data and use best practices research to create a plan that includes strategies, activities, and growth targets
    • Grant Application
      • Submit plans for grant support that includes budgets

Communications Plan

Goal:  The district will create a communications plan that is a working document by the end of the 2022-23 school year


  • The district will create a communications plan team by the end of September 2022 led by the district Public Information Officer (PIO)
  • The district will present a first draft to the Board of Directors during the November 2022 board meeting for initial approval
  • The district will start to actively use the communications plan after the draft is approved
  • The district will bring the final communications plan to the board for final approval during the January 2023 board meeting

Budget Development

Goal:  The district will demonstrate budget accountability to the staff, students, and community by completing the outlined objectives below by March 2023


  • Complete the ODE and Secretary of State financial audit by spring 2023
  • Complete the LBL ESD 2021-22 payroll audit
  • Create and approve a 2022-23 supplemental budget that more accurately reflects current expenditures by January 2023
  • Build a 2023-24 budget by June 2023 that is balanced and is stable
  • Completely implement requisition based purchasing procedures using Infinite Visions (IV) that includes checks and balances from direct supervisors, Business Manager, and Superintendent by the end of October 2022