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Shout Out to the Summer Work Program!

August 17, 2022

At the August 11 board meeting, Alsea School Board member and Fire Chief for the Alsea Fire Department Ryan Van Leuven gave a hearty thank you to the kids in the Summer Work Program at Alsea High School who spent the day working to help the Alsea Fire Department. The students pressure washed at the firehouse and filled potholes all the way from the Fire Department Building to the school. When Ryan Van Leuven says you “worked hard”, that is high praise indeed!

Great work kids and thank you for all the projects you completed this summer to benefit our local community. Thank you also to the staff and community partners who made this possible: Angela Turpen, Principal Youth Advisor for Corvallis Services Consortium; Roxy Kelley, Youth In Transition (YTP) Advisor for Alsea School District; Sara Littlefield, Family Outreach Coordinator at Alsea School; and David Fricke, SPED Teacher for Alsea School; and Corvallis Community Services Consortium. Look on the school website for an upcoming article on this great project.

Image from Left to Right: Tiffany Lile, Deziray Bootenhoff, Brandon Browning, Lacie Manley, and Rheanna Messin.