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Regular Board Meeting Report – September 8, 2022

September 9, 2022

The Alsea School Board worked until midnight taking care of operating business including budgeting, goal setting, approval of minutes, approval of payments, etc. The architect and the general contractor were present with reports on the Alsea Bond Project (ABP). Some numbers were available for review for the ABP. No action was taken at this time for approval of work. Final numbers for the Gross Maximum Price should be available soon for the board to review and act on. As always, you can find a link to the video recording of the bond meeting as well as an agenda and all attached documents at

Some highlights of the meeting include:

  • The Board appointed Ryan Van Leuven as the Board Liaison for the Bond Project.
  • The Board approved a response statement to the United States Department of Education, which has a comment period open concerning the proposed changes to Title IX put forth by the Biden Administration. You can find information on the proposed changes to Title IX here You can find the statement that will be submitted to the US Dept. of Education by the Alsea School Board here
  • Finally, Alsea graduate Angela Turpen and Special Education teacher David Fricke gave a report to the Board about the Youth in Transition Program (YTP), a partnership between Community Services Consortium (CSC) and Alsea School District. Six students participated in the Alsea Summer Work Program, being paid to work at various locations around the Valley while earning credits towards graduation as well as valuable work experience. Angela is now Principal Youth Advisor at CSC and is eager to partner with small rural schools in Benton County to bring in more funding and programs for youth who experience obstacles to high school graduation. She hopes to put in place programs that will help students transition successfully to the work force whether they are able to finish high school or not, including things like providing transportation to and from a workplace in Corvallis. To look at a PowerPoint put together by one of the youths in the Summer Work Program about the work the crew did around the Alsea valley, look here .