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Statement to the Public from the Alsea School Board of Directors – September 8, 2022

September 9, 2022

The Alsea School Board of Directors (ASB) would like to take this opportunity to make a public statement concerning the Alsea Bond Project (ABP). The public is undoubtedly aware of the myriad factors affecting timely execution of the bond project: the unprecedented recent global pandemic, the current unprecedented inflation rates, the current skilled labor shortage exacerbated by low unemployment rates, and the skyrocketing bids from subcontractors exacerbated by unprecedented skyrocketing material costs due to unprecedented supply chain issues.

No one likes any of these developments, all due to larger global, social, and political issues. Yet none of us can do anything to change these harsh current conditions affecting our small local project. And let’s face it, along with global chaos, we have our own set of issues that are Alsea grown. We hate all of this and wish none of it had or was happening. We are sorry that the bond continues as an issue divisive to our community rather than something we can come together to celebrate as an investment in the futures of our beloved children. We are sorry for all the disappointment and drama so far, and we promise to do better work on the bond project going forward.

The ASB wants the public to know that what is important to us, past present and future, are the same things that are important to you.

  • We value the tax money the public has entrusted to the ASB for execution of the Alsea Bond Project. We know your money is precious and hard earned, and we WILL use those funds to invest in the best possible future for Alsea students.
  • We care about the Alsea school kids’ wellbeing and safety. The kids need to be warm, safe, dry, and fed in order to maximize their learning experiences and capabilities. This is why a portion of the bond funds are earmarked to install a new HVAC system to replace the dying boiler.
  • A good portion of the work at the school site will not be visible to the casual observer, such as the electrical upgrades. But the invisibility of these projects makes them no less vital to the educational viability of Alsea school facilities. As education becomes increasingly digitally based, these investments will allow our teaching staff to provide our students with the best possible educational experience.
  • Through wise use of Alsea Bond Project funds, particularly the creation of the Vocational Building, this community and the Alsea School Board are investing in the long-term viability of our student’s futures as productive members of society, the long-term viability of our school district infrastructure for future generations, and the long economic viability of our community moving forward in 21st century.

Moving forward with this bond project, we commit to wise and vigilant stewardship of bond project expenditures. We have been and are committed to transparency of information access for the public. All of our meetings are open to the public as well as recorded and all documents discussed are available to the public. As we move forward with this project, updates will continue to be available on the school website under the “Bond” tab. There you will find the good news of successes as well as how we are addressing challenges and obstacles encountered along the path to completion of this project.

As a community Alsea has faced many challenges over many years and come through every one of them. Remember that a few years ago our school was about to close its doors forever. Let’s come together now as a community around this issue so that we can move forward with this vital investment in our local school infrastructure that will keep Alsea kids in school in Alsea.

Risteen Follett, Board Chair
Linda Montanez, Vice Chair
Debra Lindberg
Ryan Van Leuven
Robert Webb