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Homecoming Week Was Loads of Fun!

October 6, 2022

Alsea School’s new Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Bart Rothenberger brought new life to Homecoming Week 2022 with loads of fun activities for the student body, the staff, Alsea alums, and the whole town. The fun started on Sunday afternoon when the leadership team decorated the halls and the float for the Homecoming Parade. On Monday, students sported their camo gear and had a school wide pep rally. Tuesday had students paired off as twins for the dress up theme, while the Volleyball girls traveled to Siletz for a 3-1 victory. You rock, Wolverine volleyball girls!

Wednesday had the students coming to school in their pajamas, but they had to trade those out for rain gear for the first annual Alsea Homecoming Parade. The pouring rain did not dampen the kids’ enthusiasm as they made tons of noise processing from the football field to the east end of Alder, all the way up Alder, and then back to the football field. Those sirens you heard Wednesday were not an emergency. It was the fire department adding to the fun and safety by escorting the students with lights and horns. The Alsea Wolverines Booster Club joined in, towing their new trailer decorated with lights. Soren Rounds was there, too, driving his gorgeous 66 Cadillac De Ville Convertible. The middle and high schoolers then had more fun in the rain with crazy contests at the football field like tug-of-war and a greased pumpkin relay.

Thursday was Blue & White Day. After the home volleyball game against Mohawk loss of 1-3, (Wolverine volleyball girls, you rock!) the High School boys had an Iron Man Volleyball match followed by a Flag Football game for the High School girls. Everybody played their heart out in their crazy blue and white gear and then enjoyed the traditional bonfire.

On Friday night, the Alsea Wolverines played an amazing game, a nailbiter to the last second with a 20-26 loss to Mohawk. Wolverine Football boys, you rock! At half-time, the Homecoming Court processed around football field, with Princess Hallie Olsen riding on the back of an Alsea Fire Department truck. Soren drove his beautiful Cadillac again with Dimitri riding shotgun escorting Princess Kyle Thorsen. Princesses were Freshman Kylie Thorsen, Sophomore Callie Raridan, Junior Hallie Olsen, and Senior Taylor Westbrook. Princes were Freshman Cole Terry, Sophomore Parker Crowe, Junior Wyatt Garwood, and Senior Ethan Oleman. King and Queen were Hallie Olsen and Ethan Oleman. Oldest and youngest alums in attendance, Sue Baccus and Steve Cantrell and Kymberlee Cantrell, were honored with t-shirts. The week of fun concluded with the Homecoming Dance in the gym on Saturday night.

Big thanks go out to the staff, students, parents, volunteers, and organizations that made it possible for the kids to have so much fun. We are already looking forward to Homecoming 2023.

If you want to see fabulous photos of various festivities, visit the Alsea Wolverines Booster Club or Mary O’Brien’s Facebook pages.