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Regular Board Meeting Report – October 27, 2022

October 28, 2022

This report includes activity from both the working and regular board meetings on October 27, 2022.

The superintendent search is underway. Alsea School District (ASD) has contracted with Vince Adams, a Consultant with Oregon School Boards Association and a Corvallis School District Board Member, to serve as an expert guide through this lengthy and intricate process. Mr. Adams presented the results of the Superintendent Online Survey to the Board. There were a total of 103 responses with a good balance of respondents from administration, classified staff, certified staff, community members, and parents. The qualities and qualifications that had the highest number of positive responses were integrity/core values, communications/someone who listens to the community, someone capable of making hard decisions for the community, and transparency. Work was done toward staffing the Superintendent Search Committee, which will convene January 12, 20223. After much discussion, the target salary range for the position was set at $120,000-$135,000.

Acting Superintendent Sean Gallagher provided several presentations to the Alsea School Board (ASB) , including a small amendment to the teacher contractual agreement concerning number of work days spent on the first salary tier , a report on upcoming opportunities for Alsea School District (ASD) and Board to advocate for education legislation once the newly elected governor and legislature are seated for the next legislative session , a presentation from the Oregon School Board Association (OSBA) about legislative priorities for the 2021-2022 school year as an example of the kinds of educational legislation that would benefit school districts and students throughout Oregon, and an explanation of why Alsea School District needs to fully participate in Oregon State Assessments the 2022-2023 schoolyear . Updates to Policies and Procedures for ASD can be found at the Alsea School Website on the Boardbooks page under the agenda for this meeting Viewing agenda items requires creating an account with Boardbooks.

Mr. Gallagher also reported that despite earlier official notifications the Secretary of State’s Office will not be conducting the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) audit of prior school years, which is on hold until ODE has completed a risk analysis. The question was raised as to whether ASD should retain an independent auditor since the cost of the audit falls to the district anyway. Many questions remain unanswered concerning budgets, expenditures, and malfeasance under the prior administration.

Mr. Crowe gave a presentation about the benefits of CTE students concerning employment in our areas, particularly providing programs with curriculum that lead to certification in the trades. Individuals entering the workforce are making an average of $64,000 per year, which is more than the entry level amount for a bachelor’s degree. Chelsea White was honored as staff member of the month for LAHO, and ASB accepted Tim France’s resignation as both administrator of LAHO and high school football coach at the end of this school year. He will be truly missed. ASB voted to do a coop basketball program with Monroe, with ASD funding Coach Ricki Hendrix’s salary. Monroe School District will waive the athletic fee for student participation by Alsea players.

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