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Regular Board Meeting Report – December 8, 2022

December 13, 2022

An HR Reset Proposal was submitted to the Alsea School Board (ASB) and met with fervent statements by staff member Samantha Olsen, Anna Dubord, Carmen Martin, and community member Joni Olsen, all of whom asked the Alsea School Board (ASB) to slow down the reset process to the more typical pace of 2 years. In addition to a lively discussion in the working session and the regular board meeting, the ASD will have a working meeting to discuss the HR Reset Proposal. View the HR Reset Proposal here:

Board Member Deb Lindberg gave a report of her conversation with Vince Adams, the OSBA consultant for the Superintendent Search. A job opening advertisement has been posted, with information corrected by Deb. Mr. Adams will reach out to the Superintendent Search Committee nominees to verify their participation and invite them to a confidentiality training that will take place at 7 pm on January 5, 2023. The board and Athletic Director Bart Rothenberger discussed the need for a procedure to allow swift board approval of overnight athletic outings, which can come up fairly quickly. Overnight in fact. A report was made on the wonderful work that Sara Littlefield has been doing with the Alsea Family Outreach program. Read more about this program here:

Several grant proposals and grant applications were approved by the board. Board Chair Risteen Follett requested that the ASB get a monthly Grant Summary Report to monitor progress on grants from proposal through execution. Naomi Shadwick, an Alsea community member who just retired after years in the Siletz Tribe grant program, will be bringing her grant writing magic to the aid of ASD. To view the available grant documents accepted at this meeting, see the attachments to the agenda at the posting for this meeting on BoardBooks at

Mr. Gallagher gave a report on the upcoming legislative session which will convene January 17, 2023. With a newly elected governor and an unprecedented number of new legislators who will be creating a new budget of $9.3-9.56 billion, there is currently a uniquely fertile opportunity to lobby for increased and judicious expenditures for education in Oregon. Mr. Gallagher stated that this is a great time for the public, school districts, and lobbying organizations to educate legislators about the current issues in education. Since only 5% of sitting legislators have school age children, they do not see what happens in school districts. YOU CAN HELP ALSEA SCHOOL DISTRICT by contacting your local state legislators by letter, email, or testifying in person at the legislature to offer your opinion about the future of education funding in Oregon.

In Learn At Home Oregon news, ASB approved Heather Shunk as the new full-time principal as of June 1, 2023. This is a hire from within according to the current hiring freeze at ASD. Ms. Shunk gave a report on happenings at LAHO, including copies of the LAHO newsletter. To learn more about what goes on at LAHO, visit the LAHO website, go to