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School Closure Information

February 13, 2023

Alsea School District 7J would like to remind parents and community members that the district may need to occasionally close or delay school for bad weather during the winter season. “In our decision to close school for inclement weather it is important to balance education and safety interests,” said Superintendent Sean Gallagher. “Safety during inclement weather for staff and students always takes priority.”

Occasionally, the events that influence a decision to close schools are not weather related. For example, interruptions in the ability to heat schools and/or provide power or water to the buildings may result in a school closure as well as natural events such as earthquakes, floods or fires. However, of all the events that could result in a school closure, weather that brings high winds, snow, hail, or other elements that affects transportation safety is the most common reason for closing schools.

The district leadership follows a protocol when making any type of school closure/delay decision. These procedures include careful monitoring of multiple weather reports, coordinating with local agencies, and evaluating the district’s ability to safely open school doors on-time. “If the roads are not safe for our busses, this would most definitely influence the decision,” Gallagher noted as an example that could result in either a delay or a closure.

The decision to close/delay school and school functions is usually made as early in the morning as possible but could occur anytime throughout the day based on current weather conditions.

Unless otherwise stated, all activities that take place on school grounds and in school facilities such as breakfast service, day care, health clinics, after-school sports and community meetings are also canceled during a school closure.

In addition, parents and students can check the OSAA website at to monitor athletics schedules and find updates about possible reschedules of canceled competitions.

When the decision is made to close or delay school, the following means are used to communicate this closure to parents and to the community:

Where to find school closure information

In the event of a school closure, due to inclement weather or other emergency, Alsea School District will notify the following:

Local radio stations:

  • KRKT 99.9 FM
  • KLOO 106.3 FM
  • KDUK 104.7 FM

Medford based regional television stations:

  • KEZI
  • KVAL
  • KLSR

On the web:

  • Alsea School District website (
  • Facebook pages for Alsea school and Alsea Hwy 34 Road Conditions and Lobster Valley

Via phone:

  • After 8 a.m., an update via School Messenger will be sent out

The above information is also available on the school district website