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Report from the “Alsea Steel Mill”: Strength and Conditioning Class Testing Highlights

March 1, 2023

In our strength and conditioning classes, most of the students completed a majority of our testing during the week of 02/13/23. While we’re wrapping up the remaining tests, here are a few highlights of your fellow Wolverines. Our next testing week will be the week of April 24.


  • Ethan Cantrell:
    • 1st entry into the New 900lbs club: est 2023. (Bench press, Back Squat, Hang Clean).
      • Bench Press: 295lbs
      • Back Squat: 415lbs
      • Hang Clean: 230lbs
  • Cash Mildwater
    • 50lbs increase on Back squat
  • Gavan Hichenberger
    • 2” increase on Vertical Jump
  • Stryker Stienke
    • 45lbs increase on Back Squat
  • Bear Aguas
    • 20lbs increase on Hang Clean

Total increase from previous Testing cycle week of 10/24/22

  • Ethan Cantrell:
    • 100lbs
  • Cash Mildwater
    • 90lbs
  • Styker Steinke
    • 75lbs
  • Gavan Hichenberger
    • 70lbs
    • 2” increase on Vertical Jump

Instructor Mr. Rozborski