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Regular Board Meeting Report – March 9, 2023

March 16, 2023

Aaron Miller, Integration Coach from Linn Benton Lincoln Educational Services District (LBLESD), and Tim France, principal at Learn At Home Oregon (LAHO), spoke on the Aligning with Student Success process, which is a new streamlined process for applying for and reporting on education grant funding from the State of Oregon. This process is ongoing as a living document, with opportunities for review, adjustment, and community input over time. Mr. Miller gave a presentation on the process  The draft plan, which was accepted by the Alsea School Board (ASB) pending a few minor edits, can be viewed here:  The results of the student surveys which were conducted as part of this process can be viewed here:  After the submission of the grant application at the end of March, there will be an opportunity for community engagement during the period of time that Alsea School District is developing growth targets for the next few years. The committee plans to reach out to the community beyond the school email list during this process.

Jason Hay, Assistant Superintendent at LBLESD, also gave a short presentation on the “annual service plan” that Alsea School District has with LBLESD to provide services ranging from evaluations of the special ed program to the services of a business manager. Some services are free of charge, others are not. He also announced that the Education Special District will be replacing our aging Student Information System with a new platform, Cynergy. Interim Executive Secretary Lora Nickle will be in charge of the transition.

Chris Giggy gave the monthly update on the Alsea Bond Project, available here  There are additional documents to view about the ABP on the agenda for the meeting found on BoardBooks, at  You can also read an update about the bond project in the upcoming issue of the Alsea Valley Voice.

Haylie Rose, guidance counselor, provided updates about staff trainings for the Suicide Prevention Plan.

Sara Littlefield, Alsea Family Outreach coordinator, gave a presentation on her emerging partnership with Vina Moses, which began with the School Supply Drive at the beginning of this school year. She received a seed money grant from Vina Moses for a shed to store supplies to be gathered and distributed to Alsea residents of all ages, not just school children, free of charge. Read more about Sara’s innovative programs and the shed project here, here, and here

Using the currently available figures, the proposed budget shortfall for 23/24 is $4.3 million. In other budget news, the High School Leadership account will be made whole and refunded by district money. Elementary field trips for the remainder of the year will need to be paid for with fundraising. The ASB discussed and approved re-allocation of general funds that were previously allocated to the ABP back to the General Fund.

The draft 23/24 Alsea School Calendar was presented and can be viewed here:  Highlighted changes include Parent Teacher Conferences for the fall that will be held on the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving Break, and that school will not start until the last week of August 2023. This will allow more time for the ABP construction to be completed before students return. This also involves a change in service from the Corvallis Food Services that provides breakfasts and lunches for Alsea students. They have announced that they cannot provide meals for us in August this year, so Alsea plans to generate food services on site for that one week in August.

A lengthy discussion led to the approval of Alsea petitioning the Oregon Student Athletic Association (OSAA) to play six-man football for the 23/24 school year. The petition is expected to be approved, which would allow us to participate in the playoffs tournament. The ASB voted to continue with a six-man football team even if OSAA does not approve the petition.

Public Comment was read into the record from Jamie Olsen, Sara Marrs, and Terry Hoyt-Lunsford. Ms. Olsen stated that the  RIF (Reduction in Force) should not be based solely on seniority, but should also take into account staff evaluations and roles. She also asked how ASD is planning to pay back the overpayment based on our lower than expected ADM this year. Ms. Marrs requested that the district exhaust every avenue to avoid cutting instructional aides, due to the fact that they are in direct contact with the students and help with classroom management. Ms. Hoyt-Lunsford requested that ASD locate and post the minutes from the May 9, 2022 Alsea School Budget Committee Meeting. She also stated that Bart Rothenberger needs to work closely with OSAA to assure the acceptance of the petition for six-man football so that the team can play in the state playoff tournament.

ASB Member Ryan Van Leuven thanked the community for all their emails, input, and professionalism in communicating with the board about current issues at the district. ASB Member Soren Rounds stated that Alsea School District has a multigenerational, 150 year long legacy to uphold, urging the community to participate in activities to revitalize the school and ensure its future. ASB Chair Risteen Follett sang the praises of the classified staff at both Alsea brick-and-mortar and LAHO for their outstanding work for our students and school.

Certified staff contracts were renewed, the Guaranteed Maximum Price for the HVAC upgrade was approved, additional Student Investment Account funds were okayed, and the resignation of Heather Shunk was accepted due to the LAHO principal position needing to serve on-site starting in school year 23/24.

A working session to discuss the proposed RIF plan was scheduled for Thursday March 16th at 5:30. The meeting will be open to the public as well as available virtually on BoardBooks.