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Regular Board Meeting Report – April 18, 2023

April 18, 2023

A calendar for 2023-2024 school year was adopted. You can download that calendar here.

IMS submitted the Monthly Bond Report, here and budget here.  Interacting with staff about educational needs will potentially lower the cost of the VOC Building, which may allow for the cafeteria remodel to take place. Also, the HVAC may be completed up to five months early due to locating a different supplier with a faster turnaround time.

Mr. Gallagher reported on a meeting with Strengthening Rural Families (SRF), which partners with Alsea School District (ASD) to provide the Alsea Pups Preschool. SRF funds programming, staffing, operations, materials, and supplies at the preschool. They also may be able to begin paying rent to ASD for use of the preschool building, which is owned by ASD. The preschool reimburses the district for internet and phone costs. SRF also helped fund Alsea School Family Outreach with a grant of $5000 and contributed $1500 towards the zoning costs, which were necessary to convert the house to a school facility. ASD will be signing a new Memorandum of Use with Alsea Pups Preschool, which will continue to provide preschool education to enrolled 3-4 year olds free of charge to families.

Through the Reduction in Force (RIF) and other cost reductions, a balanced budget for the school year 2023-2024 has been achieved. No details were provided on the RIF.

Outdoor School is back, with students going to Camp Tadmore in Sweet Home April 24-28. OSU will fully reimburse the district for the cost of Outdoor School. Mrs. Harris, 6th grade teacher, will be head chaperone.

The Alsea School Board engaged in policy discussions on firearms on school property and age appropriate sexuality education. During public comments, Jamie Olsen suggested that all curriculum and library catalog items used by ASD be posted online for parents to access. Rich Ceperich stated he is glad ASD is back to doing Outdoor School and that HB2704 (which requires any district school board or higher education governing board that adopts policy limiting possession of firearms by concealed handgun licensees on school grounds to install metal detectors at entrances to buildings subject to policy) might have an impact on how ASD should handle future policies about  firearms on school grounds. He also questioned the term “age appropriate” regarding sex education as problematic, since each student matures at their own rate. Mr. Ceperich thinks that it should be easier to find board-related posts on the school website. During board comments, Deb Lindberg concurred with Mr. Ceperich on the ease of access for board information and the age-appropriate sex education.