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School Board Election Results

May 24, 2023

Unofficial Alsea School Board election results from the May 16 Special Election are in and can be viewed here. Russ Ceperich, Jamie Olsen, and Soren Rounds will be sworn in at the July 13th school board meeting, joining seated members Risteen Follett and Deb Lindberg. At that meeting, the new board will elect a chair and vice-chair. Vince Adams from Linn Benton Lincoln Educational Service District will come to Alsea School for a board training with all members for two days in July. A smaller group of board members will attend a board training with the Oregon School Board Association at the end of July.

Following is a quote upon their election from each incoming member. Look for statements of introduction from them in upcoming Alsea School media.

Russ Ceperich:

“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open mind.” Malcolm Forbes

Jamie Olsen:

Thank you to the Alsea Community for your vote of confidence. I will work hard to support our district and community; however, it takes more than the five board members. I hope you all become active in this process and bring your ideas and feedback to the board. It takes a village!

Soren Rounds:

I attended Alsea School for 13 years, got a great education and was prepared to follow through on all personal and professional goals. I intend to make sure that happens for my kid, which means making that happen for everyone’s kids.