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Curriculum Updates at Alsea School District

June 25, 2023

The Alsea School Board (ASB) announces that they have approved the new K-12 ELA curriculum Savvas for purchase. The purchase will be made from existing grant school funding. This curriculum option was unanimously endorsed by all Alsea elementary and secondary ELA teachers. Costs for integration of the new curriculum will be mitigated by using resources from LBLESD and an in-house mentor to assist teachers. The ASB has also set a priority to create transparency in curriculum for students through syllabi.

Find out more about Savvas here  and here.

Last fall, Alsea School District purchased Reveal, a 6-12 math curriculum that includes Algebra I & II and geometry. Future course needs in applied math, pre-calculus or calculus will need to be filled in other ways. One option for advanced courses is online via Linn Benton Community College, which allows students to earn dual credit in both high school and college. Reveal cost the district $27,113.30.