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Regular Board Meeting Report – October 12, 2023

October 17, 2023

At the October board meeting, the board approved the minutes of the September 2023 regular and special board meetings.

In the superintendent’s report, Ms. Nieraeth discussed the audits that are being done at Alsea (food service, transportation and financial) as well as the data systems that are being set into place to help inform staff of student needs.  Ms. Nieraeth also presented the board with the district data for students in reading and mathematics, as well as updated data for attendance.

Ms. Nieraeth also shared classroom happenings for the brick and mortar K – 6 classrooms, as well as upcoming field trips.

Mrs. Shunk, the LaHO principal, discussed the exploratory class schedule that the LaHO students are doing. These classes are put on by teachers at LaHO and include Art, Spanish, Reader’s Theatre, etc., and are classes that all students can participate in, regardless of grade. She also mentioned the PD that the LaHO teachers attended that include how to provide explicit instruction to students in phonics, which aligns to the Science of Reading concepts that build those independent reading and comprehension skills.

Mr. Rothenberger, the 7 – 12 principal, shared in his report some highlights and achievements from the classrooms in grades 7 – 12. Teachers are seeing lots of hard work and positive relationship building between staff and students. Mr. Rothenberger also updated the board on the MS and HS athletics.  All of our teams are doing well in league and are working hard.

Mr. Staehely presented the most updated financial statement, as well as an estimate of the next year’s State School Fund, which shows that with the decreasing enrollment, Alsea may lose up to $2 million dollars. He emphasized the importance of knowing what funds have what monies available and being able to track revenues and spending correctly. He told the board that it is imperative that the district projects the budget out for 2 years in order to see what or if any cuts are needed to ensure that the district stays financially stable.  He has also been working with the Giggy’s to ensure that our bond is on track for completion and that monies are being spend properly and can be accounted for.

Chris and Nancy Giggy presented their bond updated. Panel room construction should be complete by the end of October and much of the electrical work should be completed by November. However, the switch gear still won’t be delivered until the Spring of 2024, so the project is on hold after the electrical work is complete until then. The HVAC Upgrade project, which we were able to successfully get the ESSER II monies for, is still moving along. The connections from the rooftop units to the classrooms as well as hallway fresh air units and ducting are happening after school hours and on Fridays. This project should be done by the end of November. This system, however, won’t be operational until after the switchgear is installed. The final design for the CTE building will be completed for bidding and permit in December with a goal of starting construction in Spring 2024 and completion that summer. A review committee will meet October 16 to review the submitted applications for qualifications and to finalize the approved list of companies that can build. The district is currently working on completing the Seismic grant, with submittal to the state in December and if awarded, the district will know by spring of 2024.

Ms. Nieraeth presented the Division 22 standards to the board, as required by law. The board passed a resolution to purchase a Type 20 bus, as well as passed a resolution to transfer athletic appropriations from the special fund back to the general fund. The board also approved an MOU between the district and the Alsea Education Association (AEA) that will allow teachers who have been working in the district for more than 5 years to receive a commitment bonus. The board also voted on a new procedure for roll call votes during meetings.

The board did 1st readings of policies with discussion and will review the policies at the next meeting for 2nd readings and approval.

There will be a Work Session on October 18th at 6pm to discuss proposed superintendent goals for the 2023 – 2024 school year.